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Dating Costa Rican Women -- the Happiest People in the World
Why are Costa Rican Women the Happiest in the World?
The “Land of the Ticos” has been named as the most sustainably happy country in the world, according to the Happy Planet Index’s survey conducted in 2016.
The Happy Planet Index is an organization which seeks to move away from purely economic measures of happiness, but instead by how much happier people get from the number of environmental resources used. There are three criteria used to determine the rankings -- life expectancy, experienced well-being, and ecological footprint.
Costa Rica ranks number one among hundreds of countries in the world. It’s also worth noting that Latin American countries topped the list, leaving the UK and USA behind. If you are planning to settle in the land of your Costa Rican Tica, prepare yourself for a long and happy life with her.
Keep your eyes on this article, as we divulge the secrets of Costa Rican’s incomparable happiness and why y…